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Apart from honeymoon travel to Fiji, families vacationing in Fiji are most welcome at the various resorts dotting the islands of Fiji. Most of the resorts have Kids Clubs to enhance stay, so the adults can also enjoy their vacation time. As most of the resorts also offer an all-inclusive package, its hard to leave the luxurious and friendly environs and venture out. In case you do decide to venture out, some options one can explore with family.

The best time to visit is from May – October.

1. Take a boat trip to an island

Denarau is the most popular location to stay in Fiji, but you can still visit some of the Fiji islands for families in a day trip. The Day Cruise is where you will get that deserted tropical island experience. Picturesque, peaceful, but fully equipped. There are lots of activities you can do while on the island, like snorkelling, glass bottom boat rides, feeding baby sharks in the shallows, and kayaking, but equally you can find yourself a shady spot and relax. They will cook you up a delicious BBQ lunch and share some of their traditional crafts with you.


2. Visit Kula eco park


This is a wildlife park which specializes in birds and reptiles. It may not have the excitement of lions and tigers, but it is a very peaceful, lush environment, which the kids will love. While the attractive boardwalks through the forest have some stairs, if you stay around the animal enclosures the paths are quite pram-friendly.


3. Big Bula water park


Slide, splash, climb and race at Big Bula! In the heart of Denarau Island, you’ll find world class water fun for the whole family. When your kids get sick of hanging out at the resort , there is something very cool to do with them for a day of family fun.

Big Bula is an inflatable waterpark within walking distance of the Denarau resorts with loads of water slides and fun, bouncy times. Incredibly it is deflated every night in keeping with the island’s “natural” state.


4. Family beach picnic


Beach picnics are a must-do when in Fiji. Get the resort to pack a hamper and set out. You can opt to choose the resort beach or a local beach nearby. If budget allows, we suggest you hire a yacht and sail to one of the exclusive islands’ where you can enjoy a day out. Swim without abandon or just chill on the beach. Lunch when you feel like and enjoy a fun filled day with the family – all on your time!


5. Enjoy traditional Fijian evening

Fiji Cultural Night 600435

After a day out and about or relaxing by the pool, your resort will offer a range of restaurants for dinner, often with entertainment too. Soak up the atmosphere at your own resort, or throw some variety into your holiday by sampling the offering at nearby resorts.


6. Adventure activities


A Sigatoka River Safari will take you to authentic Fijian villages where families are given traditional sevu- sevu (welcome ceremonies). Also at Sigatoka, explore the sand dunes for an exciting and unusual ride of sand-boarding!


7. Beqa fire walkers


Beqa’s fire walkers perform purely for entertainment rather than religious purification. The legend of how the islanders obtained mastery over fire has been passed down through the generations. Firewalkers from Beqa stroll across red-hot rocks according to legends (its an interesting story that will be told to you when you watch the performance).

The descendants of Tunaiviqalita (the man who was gifted to walk on fire) are in the villages of Rookwa, Dakubeqa, Dakuni, Soliyaga and Naceva are still able to walk on fire. These descendants often perform the firewalk at hotels in Fiji.

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