Japan: The Land of the Rising Sun

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When one thinks of delicacy and motion in art combined with latest technology, Japan comes easily to one’s mind. This beautiful country of sweeping landscapes leading to old world shrines to architectural wonders, enamours and engulfs you in a love affair of a lifetime.

The capital Tokyo, which is also home to the modern palace of the reigning monarch, the world-famous Ginza shopping area, the world-famous tuna-fish market Tsukiji market .. and many more interesting places. Tokyo even has some of the greatest nightlife in Japan, the two main areas densely crowded with sake bars, pubs , karaoke bars, discos and restaurants, it’s a must-stop for all revelers. The areas of Shunjuku and Shibuya being most popular. Kyoto, the former  imperial capital of Japan is steeped in another era, with its countless zen gardens, temples, and statues, as well as endless shopping and some seriously great food, Kyoto satisfies the discerned traveler in every aspect. When visiting Kyoto, you cannot surely miss Nara, whose highlight is that the deer roam freely in the park and its and absolute delight to be amongst the delicate creatures. The city that suffered a bomb-attack and scarred past, holds high on the travelers list who visit Japan. Hiroshima still is a culturally rich city, so combined with the World War II past and the old culture, the curiosity creates this to be on all Japan traveller’s wish-list visit.

The super speed Shinkansen trains (also known as bullet trains) connect all the Japanese major cities at super high speed. That’s another thing, the Japanese are perfect on timing, their trains on an average is being 30 seconds late.

Japanese love their food, and they also have intricate ways to prepare them, there is a lot of science that goes into their cooking and preparations. They love everything in balance in colours and texture. Bento boxes – single-portion takeout or home-packed meal , the most popular come in varied colours and are a delight to eat from!

Two experiences that remain etched with me are the Geisha show and the traditional Tea Ceremony. The beauty in motion, intricacies that go into every move, the delicacy of flavours in the tea. The delicate moves and soulful music, embroiled with colours and designs of the kimonos enhance the art in motion during a Geisha show.

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