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On my recent trip to Northern Territory, I will treasure the spectacular experiences I have had, albeit to none other till date.

Alice Springs, is the largest city in NT and has direct flights from most of the metro cities of Australia. Great base to start the trip to the Red Centre. House to the first telegraph station that was set up, relaying messages between Adelaide and Darwin. Also one can enjoy the Mulga night walk at the Alice Springs Desert Park, to view nocturnal animals of the Aussie Desert region.


Kings Canyon, majestically located in the Watarrka National Park, is a great place for some small hikes and treks. I thoroughly enjoyed a 3-hour trek around the rim of the Canyon, after watching a spectacular sunrise from the base. At the luxury, Kings Canyon ranch (where I had a bathtub facing French windows that looked out into the wilderness!), I enjoyed a 4-course meal at a private dining area, called “Under the Desert Moon” this is pretty romantic with the pit dugout and toasty fire burning, whilst you get served some great wine and meal using local produce and meat.

Ayers Rock (Uluru – its aboriginal name), stands out in an expanse of levelled earth and Spartan shrubs. The closer you get, you are in awe of the sheer spectacular big rock! Standing tall, commanding over the landscape, so full of Australian Dreamtime, it’s the best to experience the sights when there for sunrise, with a cup of hot coffee or tea or hot chocolate in hand and watch the sun creep up from behind.

Kata Tjuta (The Olgas – its aboriginal name), is a large group of ancient rock formations, meaning many heads to the Australian Aborigines, is a group of more than 30 rounded red conglomerate masses of rock rising out of the desert plain. There are many Dreamtime stories, which are clearly documented on boards, when you take a walk around. Best seen on foot, or even now the Segway, The Olgas are also regarded as pretty holy and powerful by the locals.

Field of Light Uluru

My personal highlights were 2 experiences.. the Field of Light (a creation of the lights by the acclaimed British artist Bruce Munro). As the sun sets over Uluru, while sipping bubblies you are transported into a blanket of darkness, and suddenly you see some light that starts growing from an epicenter and expands into a whole field of vibrantly coloured flowers, and lo-behold in less than 5 minutes the field is blooming! Truly spectacular!


The other memory etched is the Dinner at Sounds of Silence, we leave our respective resorts by 5.30PM, so that we can enjoy part sunset, and then we are transported by a coach to another location, where we then are taken by foot. The area is probably secret, as the paths are all dark and you have to follow one person who has the light, and then you arrive at a landing, where tables are set up in a style which could compete with any top restaurant world-wide! Then, all lights are put off and again you are immersed in darkness, and you look above.. There is a white blanket, and that’s called the Milky Way. Never in my life have I seen so many stars scattered above, this only possible due to the clean air and the clarity it provides due to non-pollution. Also on board was an astronomer who pointed out the constellations and the planets. Truly a spectacular evening came of a fitting end when we were served local meats and salads with accompanying wines, and a dinner buffet with the sweetest ending in the outback.
Memories to last a lifetime!

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