Romantic Cruises in Australia

Sydney, New South Wales
Cruising Sydney Harbour’s waters under the twilight sky is a romantic experience right out of an urban fairy tale. Go all out and book a private yacht just for the two of you, and spend a luxurious night lapping up the shimmering lights of one of Australia’s most beautiful waterfronts. Glide past Sydney’s must-see attractions like the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and more before anchoring for the night at tranquil Taylors Bay with a picnic hamper and the whole night to yourselves.

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Gold Coast, Queensland
The sparkling, clear waters of the Gold Coast have a lot more to offer than just the sun, sand and surf. They’re also home to the Venetian style of romance — gondola rides. Customised to best suit the local waters, these gondola rides for two hit the romantic spot, with dinner, bubbly and even a limousine pick-up and helicopter ride. How’s that for a memorable celebration?
If you prefer a more modern ride, charter a private yacht for a bespoke sunset cruise, complete with dinner and sparkling wine (or bring along your own champagne), and stunning views of the lush hinterland. You may even spot dolphins along the way! While on your way back, enjoy the amazing sight of the illuminated city skyline.

Melbourne, Victoria
For an idyllic escape from the buzz of the city while still remaining within its surrounds, head to the Docklands for an overnight yacht stay that starts with a twilight cruise around Port Philip Bay. Your dedicated skipper will guide you through the many attractions that include marine reserves, islands, shipwrecks and bustling beaches before dropping anchor for the night at the picturesque Yarra’s Edge Marina. The luxury experience ends with breakfast at one of the waterfront’s lovely cafes.


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