Things to do in Outback Australia

Australia’s Outback has a lot of activities and things to do for varied kinds of travellers and different age groups. From leisure activities to ones that require a good level of fitness.  Below are some of the things one can do in Australia’s Northern Territory apart from experiences you cannot miss in the region.

Ride a Camel in the Outback
Well, we have heard of riding horses in the outback, ever heard of riding a camel? YES! You read it right.. a camel ride in the Outback is an amazing experience! I chose the Sunrise Camel Ride, so I woke up all groggy at 4.00AM for a 5:00AM pick-up in the cold dark morning, to a shed around 10 minutes from the main accommodation area. You are introduced to your double-hump-back camel , and you have to get friendly with this creature as two of you are going to tango for the next couple of hours! Get on the hump, and the experience of being lifted to a height, is elevating (pun intended!) and off you go on the ride, all camels and fellow riders in a trail. You ride until the edge of their grounds, from where you get to see the sun peeking out from behind the mighty Uluru (Ayers Rock) and when you turn the other side, you will see the sun-rays whispering over the Kata Tjuta. Truly an amazing & magical experience!

Uluru Base Walk
So, ever since I had seen promotions of Australia, I would see the picture of this massive rock that stood alone, aloof and the sun would kiss it every morning and every night! And later, I discovered, this was the sacred rock that the local Anangu people regarded of spiritual significance. Uluru – also known as Ayers Rock is this wonderful marvel that is in the middle of the Australian Outback, that mesmerizes you every time you see it. Walking around Uluru is the best way to experience this amazing icon. Visitors are not encouraged to climb the rock as its of spiritual value to the locals, however one can do walk around the rock. The Walks range from casual strolls between the Cultural Centre and the rock, and major treks circumnavigating the entire base of Uluru. The Uluru Base Walk is the best of the bunch, running 10kms around the entire base of Ayers Rock. By walking clockwise, the crowds soon thin out, leaving only serious trekkers. The latest on the Base Walk tours are the use of Segways .. YAY! So those who do not wish to tire themselves walking, can enjoy the Segway ride.

Kings Canyon Rim Walk
All good things in life are achieved with a bit of pain .. so true is this saying! Wake-up call at 4:00AM to ensure you get to the base of the start point of the greatest walk in NT – the Kings Canyon rim Walk. So, there are different treks one can do – and definitely a must-do for avid adventure lovers. The rim walk starts with a difficult climb so you should only walk it if you are fit and healthy. The walk ascends to the top of the canyon and follows the rim around before descending to the car park. About halfway along is the Garden of Eden, a beautiful rock hole surrounded by rare plants. There is no swimming in the waterhole. Once you have trekked up and them you view the canyon – the myriad of the different coloured rocks and the formations leave you mesmerized. Take a minute to take in the beauty of nature!

Helicopter Tours
The vast plains and large distances between places, make helicopter tours the best way to explore the region. The Red Centre is viewed beautifully from the top in the big bird! There are scenic rides every 15 minutes from the Uluru base, and you get to cruise over the Red Centre – Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (the Olgas). Also, you can opt for the premium sunset or sunrise tours. To see the amazing rocks that resonate so many legends and ore, the rocks sacred to the Anangu people, is truly amazing and inspiring!

Crocodile Cage of Death
This is not for the faint hearted. Firstly, when you here crocodile, you want to run in the opposite direction! And only the crazies actually will write their death wish and plunge into waters infested by them? Oh YES , this is Darwin’s latest action-adventure packed attraction. Here you can get up-close and personal with these amazing creatures, plunge into the Cage of Death and swim with some of Australia’s largest saltwater crocodiles!

Mataranka Hot Springs
This place is awesome. The Mataranka Thermal Pool is a constant 34 degrees celsius, its waters are rejuvenating, and surrounded by a palm forest. Bring a noodle or other flotation device and let the current take you along. Hop out, and do it again. Only 100 km south of Katherine. A great place to see some free Barramundi feeding, where the fish are pulled from the water with bare hands. Have a relaxing swim in the many thermal pools and crystal clear streams. Walk along the many shady walking trails amongst the massive palm trees.

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